How to Be a Gerber Baby Model

A Gerber Baby has "expression, charm and uniqueness," according to Gerber Generation Photo Search. Your baby can be a Gerber Baby! Parents can choose between entering the Gerber Generation Photo Search or finding an agent who will book Gerber auditions for your baby — not both (contest entrants cannot be represented by an agent).

Ann Turner Cook, a retired novelist and teacher, had the qualities Gerber was looking for when she became the original Gerber Baby in 1931. The well-known charcoal sketch of her graced the jars of many Gerber baby foods.

Find Talent Agency Representation

Compile a list of talent agents who actively send out talent to Gerber baby model auditions. You can find such agents in the Resource section below.

Take a photo of your baby to send to your list of talent agents (preferably a 4-by-6 or 5-by-7). Consider taking an amateur snapshot as opposed to paying for a professional headshot because babies grow and change rapidly.

Write or print your child’s name, birth date, age and parent's contact information on the back of the photo. The photo should be recent. The photo you send is non-returnable, so keep a copy for yourself.

Send your baby's photo and her experience (if any) in commercials or modeling to the talent agents. Include a brief (one page or less), type-written cover letter, with the photo indicating your interest in your child being considered as a Gerber Baby.

Many talent agencies will accept digital photos through email. Others prefer submissions by old-fashioned snail mail. Check with each talent agency to see what its submission preferences are. Your goal with sending the photos is to find agent representation. Response time varies depending on the agency.

Take your baby to Gerber auditions. Your agent will coordinate the auditions based on your baby’s potential to be a Gerber baby. It is standard practice that agents receive a percentage of their clients' earnings.

Enter the Gerber Baby Photo Contest

Take a close-up snapshot of your baby. The photo must be taken within 30 days of the submission.

Upload your photo on the Gerber Generation Photo Search website. Photos must be in either Jpeg, Png or Gif format. Make sure your photo is 2 megabytes or less in size.

Enter the following information: your child's name; his or her "milestone category" (newborn, supported sitter, crawler, toddler or preschooler); and date the photo was taken.

Log in to the Gerber Generation Photo Search website by creating a password. You need to upload a photo first and enter your baby's name and birth date prior to logging in.

Follow the rules: Babies must be legal residents of the United States; and babies must be between one day and 48 months old. If you decide to enter the Gerber Baby Photo Contest, you cannot be represented by a talent agent. Monthly winners of the contest win a camera and are featured on the Gerber website. The grand prize winners are featured in a Gerber ad and win a $250,000 scholarship.


Check with the Better Business Bureau when you look for a reputable modeling agency or talent agent.

Take a snapshot of your baby looking into the camera as opposed to looking at some distant object. Close-up photos are eye catching, and distractions like props detract from your baby.


If an agent asks you for money upfront, it is a scam. Agents work on a commission basis. In a legitimate situation, your agent should take around 10 percent of your baby’s earnings.

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