How to Fingerprint Your Baby

Fingerprints of your baby makes a treasured keepsake. Consider hanging it on the walls or a Christmas tree, putting it in a frame or a scrapbook, or giving it as a gift. Creating prints of your baby's fingers is also a good idea for security reasons in case your baby is ever kidnapped. You can make the fingerprints with ink or clay. Both fingerprinting styles create a fun activity to share with your child.

Prepare your clay mixture as stated on the directions of your hand/finger print mix, if you use this method. If you are using ink for a hand/finger print, gather all materials like ink and paper.

Wash your baby's hands in soap and warm water. Rinse all of the soap from your baby's hands. Dry his hands with a clean, dry towel.

Place your baby in a highchair if your baby is awake. If you baby is asleep, which works best, set your sleeping baby comfortably in your lap. The less your baby moves during the fingerprint process, the better the print turns out. Have a pacifier or toy on hand to distract your baby if he wakes up while you are creating the fingerprint.

Press you baby's finger(s) or hand onto an ink pad and straight down onto a piece of paper if you have chosen the ink fingerprint style. Press your baby's finger(s) or hand directly down into the clay if you have chosen the clay fingerprint style.

Clean your baby's hands with warm water and soap. Dry them with a clean, dry towel. If you used ink for the fingerprint, make sure that all traces of ink have been removed from your baby's hands.

Allow the ink print to air dry in less than an hour. If you made a clay print, allow it to air dry overnight.