How to Remove Hair From a Baby's Eye

Every part of your baby's body is intricate and needs your utmost care and attention. When your baby’s hair begins to grow from different parts of his body, some might fall accidentally in his eye. Eyelashes, for instance, easily get inside your baby’s eye, irritating her vision and causing possible infection. For fear that you might hurt the baby while taking out the hair, you might choose to bring him to a doctor immediately. There are a few first aid procedures that you can apply in these situations.

Keep your baby from rubbing his eye with his hand. Constant rubbing might lead to a corneal injury. Check the hair inside the baby’s eye by lightly holding his lower and upper eyelids with your fingers.

Get your bath towel and wrap your baby in it to prevent him from moving. Wash the hair out of the baby’s eye using a sterile saline solution and a dropper. Hold the baby’s eye open using your fingers while you pour the solution into her eye.

Attempt to remove the hair inside the baby’s eye using a moistened cotton swab. Have another person hold the baby while you lightly swab his eye with one hand, while your other hand holds his eye open. Do not force the swab inside the baby’s eye 1. Touch it lightly onto the affected area to sweep the hair away.

Take your baby to a doctor in case the first three steps fail. Get a small paper cup and tape it onto the eye of your baby to prevent him from rubbing it while you travel. Cut the paper cup rim to make a few slits to allow your baby to continue seeing.

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