How Much Tylenol for a 2 Month Old?

Easing Your Baby's Discomfort

It's tough to handle seeing your little one uncomfortable. With a pediatrician's guidance, you can give Tylenol to help your 2-month-old feel better.

At 2 months old, your sweet baby still seems so little and helpless. This can make it difficult when she seems to be in any sort of discomfort. At this age, besides snuggles and some extra love, there’s not a whole lot you can do to ease that misery. Infant Tylenol is one option, but should be used with guidance from your pediatrician.

When to Give Tylenol

Tylenol, also known as acetaminophen, can reduce your little one’s fever and ease any discomfort. At 2 months, though, if your baby runs a fever over 100.4 degrees or seems to be in much discomfort, you should talk to your pediatrician. Babies under 12 weeks should always be seen immediately if they’re running a fever. A fever can be the first sign of a serious illness or infection in a baby this young.

If you can’t get into your doctor, go to the nearest emergency room. The only exception is a fever starting within 24 hours of any vaccines. Even in this case, you should ask your pediatrician before giving any Tylenol.

You can save yourself some time and your little one some discomfort by asking the pediatrician if you can give Tylenol when you’re at the office for your little one's vaccines. Some doctors recommend giving medicine right before the shots or right after to ease fussiness.

Taking Your Baby’s Temperature

As awkward as it feels, the best way to take your 2-month-old baby’s temperature is rectally. Clean the end of a digital thermometer with rubbing alcohol or soap and water, and then rinse it with cool water. Put a bit of petroleum jelly on the end and lay your baby across your lap. Insert the thermometer a half inch to one inch into her bottom. Hold it in place until the thermometer beeps. You can also lay your baby on her back and bend her legs to her chest, and then insert the thermometer.

Tylenol Dosage

Although, the box is labeled “Infants’ Tylenol,” the manufacturers recommend consulting a doctor if your child is under 2 years old. So, it’s crucial that you check with your doctor before giving your baby the medicine. Once you have your doctor’s okay, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following dosage amounts for the syrup form of Tylenol based on your baby’s weight.

  • 6–11 pounds: 1.25 milliliters
  • 12-17 pounds: 2.5 milliliters
  • 18-23 pounds: 3.75 milliliters

You can repeat the dosage every four to six hours or as directed by your pediatrician, but no more than five times a day.

The above dosages are for Infant Tylenol with a concentration of 160mg/5mL, which is the only Tylenol available for babies.

Tips on Administering Tylenol

The best way to give your little one Tylenol is with a syringe or dropper rather than a teaspoon. Most medicines come with a dropper in the box. If you can’t find that dropper, you can get a cheap syringe at your local drugstore. It is too easy to give the incorrect amount using a teaspoon or regular spoon.

Also, make sure the Tylenol isn't expired. If it is, dump the liquid and throw away the bottle.

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