How to Find Out if a Day Care is Licensed

How to Find Out if a Day Care is Licensed. Day cares have strict rules and regulations so they can keep their doors open. But with so many day cares out there, it's possible that some of them could slip through the cracks. If you're planning to place your child in day care, you need to take time to check the licensing of that facility and make sure it's up to your family's standards.

Ask the day care supervisor for proof of licensing. In addition to the day care license, you can also get contact information to the regulating agency. Any day care in good standing should be happy to provide you with this information.

Determine which organization in your state regulates day cares and child care facilities. In most states, it's the Department of Family and Protective Services or the Department of Social Services, but there are other organizations that get involved.

Contact the regulatory agency and ask about the particular day care. Some agencies have this information available on their website. The person on the phone should be able to direct you to the easiest resource for you as a parent.

Find out when the licensing must be renewed and if there have been any complaints. The regulating agency should have all of this information on file.

Familiarize yourself with the standards and procedures the state looks at for licensing. If you notice any problems, you can contact the state and file a complaint. You can also call the state with any compliments and that will look good when it come time for the license to be renewed.

Stay on top of your day care's licensing to ensure your child's care is being handled correctly. You can periodically spot check the day care to make sure its practices are up to par.