How to Figure Out Your Toddler's Adult Height

Parents often try to imagine what their child will look like as an adult, and his stature -- whether short, tall or medium height -- is often the centerpiece of the imagining. No definitive way exists to determine your toddler’s exact height when he grows to adulthood, you can use his height at age 2 to arrive at a reasonable guess, according to the Mayo Clinic website.

At Age 2

Remove your toddler’s shoe and ask him to stand straight and tall against a wall. By the age of 2, most toddlers have reached the growth chart percentile that they will stay on until they reach adulthood, according to the Mayo Clinic website. This age is the appropriate time to try to determine his adult height.

Place a pencil mark on the wall directly above your child’s head. Ensure that he doesn’t tilt his head to look at you as you make the mark. This helps give you the correct measurement.

Stretch a tape measure from the floor to the mark on the wall to take the measurement.

Multiply the height of your tot by two in order to obtain a good estimation of his height as an adult. For instance, if your son is 34 inches tall, you can have a reasonable expectation that he will be 5 feet 7 inches tall or taller as an adult. Females will be a bit shorter than the calculation and males will be a bit taller, according to the Mayo Clinic website.

Height of Parents

Add together your height in inches and the child’s father height in inches. This is another effective way to estimate the toddler’s adult height.

Subtract 5 inches from the total if your toddler is a female.

Add 5 inches to the total if your toddler is a male. The sum you get is likely to be within 4 inches of the adult height of the youngster.


Males and females grow at different rates and go through growth spurts at different ages. While a girl might reach her full height by age 16, males generally continue to grow until about age 18, according to the Texas Wesleyan University website. Heredity, nutrition, physical fitness and hormones all play a part in your child’s final height and weight. Take your youngster for regular checkups with his pediatrician. He will be able to assure you if your child is growing normally.