How to Enjoy the Beach with an Infant

Enjoy the Beach with an Infant

I was worried that my 10-month-old's first trip to the beach would be stressful and that he would be hard to handle. The trip turned out great and stress-free! Here are a few tips on truly enjoying your relaxing, ocean visit.


Don't hesitate to ask your parents, in-laws or siblings to come along on the trip. Not only will everyone be able to take turns entertaining the baby, but it can also be a memorable family trip and grandparents can never get enough of their grand baby!


Be prepared for ANYTHING! Diaper rash, sunburn, gassiness, etc. It is better to be safe than sorry. Bring medications, topical ointments or whatever you need to keep baby comfortable.


My family set up a portable canopy tent on the beach which provided a lot of shade when we started getting hot. Put baby's playpen, bouncer, etc. in the shade under the tent. This will provide a cool place for them to nap if you are spending awhile at the beach.


Once baby starts to show signs of being tired of the outdoors, head inside for awhile. It is better to enjoy the beach in pieces than wearing your infant out with one long stay at the ocean. If you are at a resort, this will be pretty easy, as the walk to and from usually isn't very far.


Try to keep baby's things separated as much as possible between beach items and what he will need inside. This will minimize sand issues. EXAMPLE: beach toys vs. regular toys swim wear vs. regular clothing playpen vs. baby bed (many hotels provide a baby bed)

Things You Will Need

  • Pack & Play/Playpen
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit and Hat
  • Toys
  • Camera


Relax and enjoy your child's first beach trip! Take lots of pictures


Use lots of sunscreen Do not go too far out into the ocean with baby Keep an eye out for sharp objects and jellyfish