How to Get a Copy of Footprints at Birth

It’s a long-standing tradition at some hospitals to provide parents with copies of their newborn baby’s footprints, but at other hospitals, doing so is a thing of the past. Packing your baby book with you and asking a caregiver in the nursery to stamp your baby’s footprints in it is one way you can secure a copy of your newborn's footprints. If the nursery is unable to accommodate your request, having the proper supplies with you and stamping the footprints yourself will ensure that you get a copy.

Clean your newborn's feet using a baby wipe 1. Doing so will ensure that you get a clean footprint, free from any residue or debris. Let the feet air dry.

Place the paper on a flat surface. A table or countertop will suffice.

Lay your newborn baby on a safe surface, like in a bassinet or on a bed 1. Place your newborn's foot onto the ink pad. The sole of your baby’s foot should be covered with a thin coat of ink. If there are any areas of the sole that are not covered, use the sponge to spread the ink around on your baby’s sole. If additional ink is needed on your baby’s sole to cover it, dab the sponge onto the ink pad and then onto your baby’s foot. Apply the ink in the same way to the other foot.

Hold your baby securely and gently press his left foot onto the left side of the paper. After a few seconds, lift your baby’s foot straight up off of the paper. Leave a small space next to the left footprint and make a print of his right foot.

Clean the remaining ink off of your newborn’s feet using a baby wipe.

Allow the ink prints to dry and make as many photocopies as desired.


Having an assistant can make this project easier.


Making copies of your newborn baby's footprints can be messy. Have extra baby wipes handy for cleaning up ink off of your hands and other surfaces.

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