Christmas Gifts Children Can Make for Parents

Handmade gifts from children are truly priceless. Whether you’re looking to make something that reflects a moment in time, celebrates the season or something to enjoy year-round, there are many Christmas gifts children can make for their parents 3.

Hand Prints

Preserve tiny prints before they’re all grown up by making a hand print gift. Plain cloth items, found at most craft supply stores, make ideal canvases for hand prints. You will also need fabric paint to decorate aprons for parents who enjoy BBQing or cooking, tote bags for on-the-go parents, or personalized T-shirts and sweatshirts. Construct a wreath onto the cloth of your choice by making hand prints in a circular shape. Use fingerprints to make holly berries. Place hand prints in a triangular shape to form a Christmas tree. Embellish hand prints with fabric markers to make elves and create a "Santa’s Helper" shirt.

Photo Gifts

Photo gifts make delightful keepsakes for parents 3. Create an initial photo collage using a precut cardboard or chipboard letter. Use the first initial of the child’s name or the initial of the family’s last name. Select several pictures of the child and family. Cut photos to fit the letter and adhere with clear-drying adhesive-sealer.

Make photo bookmarks using heavy cardstock or craft foam, photo magnets made from recycled jar lids, or photo blocks using MDF board and clear-drying adhesive-sealer.


There are several ways to personalize plain ball ornaments. Make a memory ornament using a plain colored ball ornament and a permanent marker. Have the child write words or short phrases to describe favorite memories or milestones of the past year. Be sure to date the ornament.

Capture the family vacation in a clear glass ball ornament. If your family vacationed at the beach, fill the ornament with sand and tiny seashells. Add the date and destination.

Create your own ornament design with a marbleized ornament. Add drops of acrylic paint one color at a time to the inside of the ornament. Move the ornament in a side-to-side motion to distribute the paint and let dry. For a finishing touch to any of these designs, add a coordinating ribbon for hanging.

Calendars, Journals and Candles

Other handmade gift ideas include custom calendars, patchwork journals and candles. Make a calendar by using existing artwork or create something new. Laminate the artwork and use double-sided tape to attach a tear-off calendar. Personalize a plain journal or notebook by gluing patches of patterned paper to the cover. Create fun shaped candles using cookie cutters to cut honeycomb wax into one-of-a-kind candles. Add a wick to finish.