Removing Deodorant From Polyester Without Washing

Finding deodorant stains on your sleeveless polyester dress or cute polyester tank is disheartening. If you don’t have time to launder the garment, don’t worry. You don’t have to change your outfit just because of some white deodorant marks. A few products you may have lying around your house can remove the deodorant marks completely without having to run the garment through the washer.

Premoistened Wipes

Baby wipes are good for more than cleaning a baby’s bottom. They can get the deodorant marks off of your clothes, too. Pat the deodorant marks firmly several times with the baby wipe until they disappear. Don't rub the wipe over the marks, or you risk spreading them further. If you don’t have baby wipes, use facial cleansing wipes; they work, too; or buy deodorant stain removal pads that are specifically designed for removing deodorant from clothing.

Foam Rubber

Next time you pick up your dry cleaning, don’t toss out the hanger. Instead, save the foam rubber from the hanger and use it in a pinch to remove deodorant from your polyester clothing. Rip off a piece of the foam rubber from the hanger, then gently rub it back and forth over the deodorant marks until they’re gone.


Get rid of deodorant marks with nothing more than a hand towel. Use a towel that is dark in color, but not darker than the polyester fabric you’re trying to remove the deodorant from 1. Rub the towel back and forth across the deodorant marks until they are gone.

Preventing Deodorant Stains

The best thing you can do is avoid getting deodorant stains on your clothing altogether. Use a clear deodorant rather than a white one to keep noticeable streaks from appearing on your shirt. Avoid putting on too much deodorant -- use just one swipe back and forth -- and let the product dry completely before putting on your clothes.

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