How to Check for a Preschool's Violations in California

The California Department of Social Services has implemented regulations to ensure that preschools in California meet basic requirements for the safety and well-being of the children who attend 123. Regular inspections and a system for accepting and investigating complaints keep the worst violations at bay.

Online Child Care Facility Check

The Department of Social Services has a thorough online portal that tracks all licensed preschool and child care facilities 123. By going to its website, parents can select the type of facility, such as a preschool, and the region of California they live in and be given a list of area preschools. Once the searcher is shown this list, she can click on the word "view" next to each school name and see the DSS records for this facility. Once inside, there are clickable tabs showing the number of DSS visits to the facility, the number and reason for citations, inspections, complaints and other DSS visits that may have occurred.

More Thorough Investigations

The California DSS also has procedures in place for individuals to view specific facility files to find out if they meet licensing requirements. Contact the Regional Office or County Licensing Office for that information. Contact information is available on the California DSS website.