How Can Children Track Where Santa Is Right Now?

As your children get geared up for Christmas every year, one question sure to be on their minds is where is Santa? Followed closely by, how does he deliver all those presents in one night? Add to the excitement this year by tracking Santa’s every move all December long. There are a few sites out there that let your kiddo follow Santa’s magical journey on Christmas Eve, and even monitor Santa and his reindeer as they prepare for the Christmas season 4. Your child will love tracking Santa so much that a new Christmas tradition may be born in your house.

NORAD Tracks Santa

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) began the phenomenon of tracking Santa back in 1955, when a misprinted phone number on an advertisement gave the world their top-secret phone number. Ever since, NORAD volunteers have helped curious kids around the world follow the journey of the man in red. The site ( tracks Santa’s journey around the world -- but keeping in true tradition -- kids can still call in and ask questions to NORAD volunteers by dialing toll free: 1-877-HI-NORAD 1. Santa’s helpers have been known to take last minute Christmas gift requests, disclose Santa’s favorite kind of cookies and remind children that Santa only pays a visit when they are fast asleep.

Santa Tracking Websites

There are a handful of Santa tracking websites where your child can watch as he progresses around the globe. Sites such as ( and ( allow your tyke to keep tabs on Santa starting December 1st and following him all the way through his famous flight 2. Google’s Santa tracker uses its resources, Google Maps and Google Earth to follow Santa around the globe 2. The site is family-friendly, offers games and even the ability to ask Santa to send family and friends personal messages from the big guy himself.

Santa Feeds the Reindeer

Your little one will love watching Santa feed the reindeer every day 3. He can tune in to watch Santa perform this little chore from November 16th to December 24th three times a day -- those are some hungry reindeer. The site ( provides a webcam link to Santa’s official live feed 3. Your child can also send a letter to Santa and watch his name appear on the nice list. Generous children may even enjoy saving up their allowance and donating to help feed the reindeer. What a fun tradition to begin for the reindeer lover in your family.

Santa Goes Social (Media)

With the increase in social media it is no surprise that Santa is starting to get tech-saavy. There are numerous Santa tracking apps available for smartphone and tablets alike, so that your child never has to be out of arms reach of the big flight. Your child can also follow sites like NORAD on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, allowing them to connect with Santa’s representatives and other excited children worldwide 12.