Avent Steam Sterilizer Instructions

The Avent steam sterilizer is a unit designed to sterilise and clean baby bottles 12. Sold online or in select home retail or baby supply stores, the device includes four feeding bottles, a milk powder dispenser, bottle brush and automatic steam sterilizer 1. The unit should be used on a flat, stable surface away from the reach of children, due to the use of electricity and hot steam. Unplug the unit from the power supply when it's not in use.

Pour 90ml of clean, cool water into the body of the sterilizer. Use the included measuring cup or another measuring unit to measure the water.

Push the bottom basket onto the stem on the base of the unit. Twist two screw rings onto the stem in a clockwise motion, then slide the bottle rack down over the stem. The neck of the bottle rack should face down.

Twist four screw rings on the stem in a clockwise motion. Set the empty bottles on the rack, facing down.

Place the upper basket on the stem and push down lightly. Set the bottle caps and tops into the upper basket. Set the entire assembly into the body of the unit and close the lid.

Connect the power cord and switch the power to "On." Wait for the sterilizer to finish before unplugging the unit and lifting out the bottles. Note that the unit and/or the bottles may be warm to the touch.