How to Announce a Pregnancy to Aunts & Uncles

Announcing that you're having a baby can be an exciting and joyous experience. If you've recently discovered that you're expecting, you might be thinking of a way to broadcast the big news in a creative way 1. Once you've revealed the big secret to both your parents and your spouse's parents, each of your brothers and sisters needs to know. Build excitement for their soon-to-be-born niece or nephew by dropping the news in an entertaining way that they won't soon forget.

Give the aunts and uncles a personalized gift. Perhaps you could wrap up a bib or a baby T-shirt that says, "I love my aunt" or "I love my uncle." A coffee mug that says "world's greatest uncle" or "best aunt in the world" is a clever way to announce the big news, as well.

Wrap up your ultrasound picture and present it to the aunt-to-be or uncle-to-be in person or scan it onto a greeting card and mail off the exciting news.

Invite the aunt and uncle over for dinner. Serve a baby-themed dinner with baby carrots, baby potatoes, baby peas or baby-back ribs. Serve cupcakes decorated with blue and pink sprinkles or baby-inspired cake decorations. See if they can guess what's going on without having to say it first.

Wear a customized T-shirt. Order a shirt that says something clever such as "Aunt Susan's nephew" with an arrow pointing to your belly or "Watch for a new niece or nephew coming soon." Wear the shirt to a family event and see how long it takes for your sisters, brothers and in-laws to notice.


Once you've told someone about your pregnancy, tell your close family right away. You wouldn't want your brothers, sisters or in-laws to hear the news from someone else.


You might want to wait until you've seen your baby's heartbeat on an ultrasound or reached 12 weeks of pregnancy. After these milestones, your risk of miscarriage is smaller, according to Paula Spencer, author of "Everything Else You Need to Know When You're Expecting." If you tell people ahead of time and then miscarry, it can be painful to tell everyone the sad news.