Activities for Family Ministries

Churches that regularly sponsor family activities often find that it leads to friendships among church members, which in turn contribute to an increase in participation in church services as well as other church-sponsored events. Families often make the church the hub of their extracurricular activities and enjoy it when a church provides a variety of family activity options for its members. You might suggest certain activities to your church activity director or pastor if you feel your church could offer additional activities throughout the year.

Group Baptisms

If your church is close to a body of water such as a lake or river, the pastor might take advantage of this and hold group baptisms much like the ones that Jesus performed. You could suggest that the church ask members for pot luck donations and include some games after the event for children. The pastor could encourage families to bring along chairs and pop-up tents to entice them to remain at the event longer and get to know other participants.

Fall Festivities

Halloween and fall festivities can bring church members together, as well as provide fun and safe activities for children 1. You might suggest that adults set up tents, man different stations and assist in breaking the area down after the festivities are over. The church might want to consider holding the fall festivities on the weekends leading up to Halloween. Festivities could include carnival games and bobbing for apples, costume contests, hayrides, a pumpkin patch, photo booths and face painting.

Spring Events

A perfect way to gather families together in the spring is for a kite day. Each family can bring one or more kites and fly them over the church parking lot or a nearby open area. You might also suggest that your pastor encourage families to bring potluck meals as well as beverages to encourage socializing. Other fun, spring events for families might include planting a church community garden and having an Easter egg hunt for the little ones prior to the holiday 1.

Fundraisers and Charity Work

You also might want to volunteer to help run some fundraisers, particularly if your church is in need of things like new playground equipment, asphalt for the parking lot, youth supplies, or nursery furniture. You could organize events such as car washes, garage sales and cake walks to allow church members to bond together to contribute to the church without having to dig into their pockets. You might also suggest and organize ways for church members to band together to improve the community and make it a better place. For example, they can assist families in need with the repair and/or remodeling of their homes, work together to remodel a church community center or playground, or provide holiday meals to the housebound. During the winter, you might want to organize a coat drive -- and a toy drive during the Christmas season. In addition to providing bonding opportunities for church members, these kind of activities teach children the concept of giving to others.