How to Sterilize Medela Bottles

Breastfeeding mothers who wish to pump breast milk for feeding babies might choose a Medela breast pump 1. The Medela company offers several different breast pump models to cater to the different needs and desires of mothers 1. Along with a breast pump, Medela includes bottles to collect the expressed breast milk 1. Sterilize Medela bottles to ensure that they are perfectly clean before you use them to express breast milk for your baby 1.

Fill the stockpot about 3/4 full of water and place it onto the stove top.

Turn the burner to medium-high and heat the water until it boils.

Place the Medela bottles into the stockpot to sterilize them 1. Medela recommends that you sterilize all removable parts of the breast pump before using the pump for the first time 1. Do not sterilize the actual pump or the storage bag; however.

Leave the bottles and other pump parts in the boiling water for 10 minutes.

Remove the items from the boiling water and place them onto the cooling rack to dry.


Wash all bottles and other pump parts with dish-washing soap after using the breast pump.

A physician may recommend sterilizing the Medela bottles and breast pump parts after each use for a preterm baby. Most full-term babies will not require sterilized bottles and breast pump parts each time.

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