How to Put Beanie Babies in the Washer

Properly caring for your Beanie Babies can help ensure that your collection will last a lifetime. You might wonder how you can clean Beanie Babies without harming the toys 1. Many people have had success tossing them into the washing machine to get rid of dust and dirt and to keep the toys looking their best.

How to Put Beanie Babies in the Washer

Gather your Beanie Babies, and place them inside a lingerie bag or a white pillowcase. Tie the bag or pillowcase shut. This will minimize possible damage to the Beanie Babies from being bounced around inside the washing machine.

Using cold water, select the gentle cycle on your washing machine, and add enough gentle laundry detergent as is required for a small load. When the machine is about one-quarter filled with water, add the bag containing the Beanie Babies. Do not add fabric softener to the wash.

As soon as the washing machine has stopped, remove the bag or pillowcase from the washer. Take the Beanie Babies out, and place them on a shelf or table to dry. Drying Beanie Babies into the dryer is not recommended.


If your Beanie Babies have wiry antennas or other non-plush materials, consider hand washing those toys to avoid damage.

It is OK to place the bag containing Beanie Babies in the washer with other clothes to be washed on the gentle cycle, but make sure the clothes are not brightly colored to avoid any chance of them bleeding colors onto your Beanie Babies.


It is possible that damage could result from washing your Beanie Babies in the washing machine. If your Beanie Babies are rare collectibles, you may want to consider an alternate cleaning method.

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