Things to Do at a Sleepover for 13-Year-Olds

Whether it’s a sleepover for two or a whole slew of young teens, you can keep your slumber party group entertained and talking about the night’s activities for weeks to come. The recipe for a successful sleepover is simple: Use your 13 year-old's interests as a guide when you’re planning the activities, allow for plenty of time for the kids to talk and just “hangout,” and stand back and supervise from a discreet distance.

Beauty Night

Indulge your 13-year-old diva in an evening of beauty and pampering for a special sleepover. You can start off with homemade, aloe vera hand moisturizers, lemon and sugar facial scrubs and oatmeal and honey facials. When everyone is squeaky clean, soft and glowing, you can move on to manicures, pedicures and hair and makeup makeovers. If the young teens are interested in crafting, pull out a bucket of crystal beads and elastic string and let the kids make brand new necklaces, bracelets, anklets and even barefoot sandals to complement their brand new looks. When the jewelry is finished, let your teen and her friends each make a little jar of body glitter by mixing aloe vera gel, essential oils and polyester glitter 1. After all that crafting, serve a few girly snacks, such as tea sandwiches and chocolate-dipped strawberries, and then provide them with sparkling water or juice in champagne flutes so they can toast their friendship.

Movie Marathon

If the girls are movie fanatics, rent DVDs for an all-night -- or at least late night -- movie fest. Choose a theme for the evening such as:

  • Disney
  • chick flicks
  • classics
  • adventure or thrillers
  • but only the latter if you know its ok with all the guests
  • their parents

Set up comfortable beanbag or over-sized cushion seating in front of the television to keep the kids comfortable throughout their marathon. Prepare a game of trivia, and call an intermission halfway through the evening to challenge the kids’ movie knowledge and incite a little friendly competition. Serve movie theater fare for dinner with a nutritional flare, such as home-made nachos or pizza, and then let them gobble up movie snacks, such as popcorn and candy.

Gaming Mania

Whether your teen is a fan of hockey games, video games or board games, you can transform an ordinary sleepover into an unforgettable night of game play. If your teen’s favorite sports team is playing, organize the sleepover around the big game, providing oversized thumbs, stadium foods and plenty of tolerance for cheers and hurrahs. If you have to pry the video game controller out of your teen’s hands, hook up an extra television and video game console for the evening and host the ultimate teen video gaming competition. Divide the group into two teams if you have several sleepover guests or let a small group battle it out one-on-one. For a teen group who prefers board games, pick up a few of your teen’s favorites or pull them out of storage and set up a games table in the recreation room. Surprise your teen halfway through the evening with a game she’s never played before or teach the group how to play a new card game.

Cook Fest

Spend an evening cooking and baking up a storm with a group of tween and young teen chefs. Alternatively, make sure the cupboards are well-stocked with basic and elaborate cooking supplies and let the kids come up with their own dishes or wild concoctions to make it a night of gastronomical exploration. If your 13-year-old and friends prefer to prepare sweet treats rather than main dishes, pull out some dessert recipe books and make the evening a decadent immersion into chocolate, pastry and other goodies. Let the kids enjoy the treats when they're finished, and then package a few for each sleepover guest to take home to enjoy later.

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