How to Host a Tea Party for Teenagers

Thematic parties for teens give their socialization some focus beyond gossiping and giggling. A tea party adds a refined, elegant touch to a teen party that might otherwise be a bit raucous. Give your teen guests a lesson in being prim and proper and adhering to appropriate etiquette, all as they enjoy some delicacies and socialization with their closest chums.

Send out formal invitations to give your teen guests the information they need for the tea party. Request that guests wear their Sunday best; this guidance will ensure that teens don't show up in jeans and sneakers. Teen girls can wear sundresses, and the guys can opt for slacks and a button-down shirt. Your invitation can even encourage guests to wear their favorite hat to complete their tea-party look.

Design a menu that appeals to teens' palates. Opt for lighter fare, which fits with the tea party theme. Finger sandwiches are a tea-party staple, but you can pack them with simple, teen-friendly ingredients such as ham, turkey and cheese. Offer a spread of sweets that will delight your teen guests. Petit fours, cookies or scones pair well with tea.

Set up a tea bar. Your teen guests might not sip tea regularly, so some might shy away from sampling them. Find and offer a variety of flavored teas, allowing teens to find one that suits their taste. Teens might enjoy sampling green tea or fruit-infused teas. Have sugar on hand, so teens can add a bit of sweetness to their tea.

Create a space for teens to mix and mingle. Set up tables where teens can sit and enjoy their tea and snacks. Include place cards at each place setting, which gives teens an assigned seat and deters them from wandering around the room.

Organize a few teen-friendly games at the tea party. Teens might think they're too cool for party games, so test their knowledge instead. You can give them a quiz on basic etiquette. Or, have a tea taste-testing contest to see how many tea flavors teens can correctly guess. Encourage participation among apathetic teens by enticing them with a prize, such as a $5 gift card to a local store.

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