Teen Girl Items to Buy for Christmas

Christmas shopping for teen girls can be a real challenge. Fads come in and out of popularity quickly and no one wants to give a gift that the recipient won't like. By asking yourself a few questions about your recipient's style, tastes and interests, it's easy to think of Christmas gift ideas that she will appreciate and enjoy.

Technology Gifts

Teens are hooked on technology more than ever before, so electronic gadgets under the Christmas tree will please most teen girls. Tablets, one-piece mobile computers that allow users to access the Internet, read e-books, take photos and and play games, are popular. MP3 players are available in a variety of trendy colors and are perfect for music lovers. Personalized cell phone cases, digital key chains and novelty USB drives and ear buds are lower-priced tech options today's savvy teen girl will appreciate. Prepaid cell phones can help you and your teen stay connected, with no contract and no huge monthly bills.

Gift Cards

Give the teen girl on your Christmas list a gift card so she can shop for herself. For teens interested in the latest fashion trends, purchase a gift card to a clothing or cosmetics store. For the studious girl, choose a book or computer store card. Discount retailers offer a wide variety of products if you aren't sure what your recipient likes to shop for. Consider giving the gift of fun with a card to a local restaurant or coffee shop, nail salon, movie theater or bowling alley.

Hobby Gifts

One way to make a Christmas gift personal is to buy something that relates to a hobby the recipient has, according to Leah Ingram, author of "Gifts Anytime: How to Find the Perfect Present for Any Occasion." A teen painter will appreciate some high-quality paints, sketch pads or books on technique 2. Buy a girl interested in photography a camera strap or new lens. Make a gift basket for a teen baker with cupcake wrappers in fun designs, pure vanilla extract, cookie cutters and cake decorating tools. Teenaged fitness buffs will enjoy a personalized water bottle, yoga mat or athletic hairbands.

Stocking Stuffers

Gifts need not be extravagant or expensive to be enjoyed by teen girls. Beauty items such as nail polish, lip gloss or body lotions are popular with teens. Choose fun items like novelty earrings, clip-in faux hair extensions or colorful, patterned socks. For a festive, seasonal gift, purchase touchscreen texting gloves, furry earmuffs or a tin of hot cocoa packets. Paperback books, blank journals or metallic gel pens are appropriate small gifts. Commemorate a special year with a personalized Christmas tree ornament.