How to Secure a Swing Set to the Ground

Installing a swing set in your backyard is a fun way to encourage your kids to play outside. They provide hours of play while developing motor skills and coordination. Swing sets can be dangerous, however, if they are not installed and anchored correctly. There are two methods to secure a swing set to the ground.

Concrete Method

Set up your swing set according to the manufacturer’s directions and arrange it where you want it in the yard. Make sure the legs are even and the swing set does not wobble.

Mark the position of each swing set leg with spray paint or a stake and move the swing to the side.

Dig a hole about 6 inches deep and 12 inches in diameter where each swing set leg will go. Dig out the sides of the hole at the bottom so that the hole is wider at the bottom than at the top.

Place a few bricks or 2 inches of gravel in the bottom of the hole and put the swing set back in place. The legs of the swing set should be resting on the bricks or gravel. Adjust the level of the gravel or bricks until the legs are even and the swing set does not wobble.

Mix the concrete and pour it into each hole. Fill the hole until the concrete is about one inch below the top surface. Let the concrete set for about a week until it is completely dry.

Cover the concrete with soil or other surface material so that children do not trip or fall on the concrete when they use the swing set.

Anchoring Stakes Method

Check to make sure that each leg of your swing set has a hole near the bottom. If your swing set does not already have anchor holes, you will need to drill them about two inches from the bottom of each leg.

Set up your swing set following the manufacturer’s directions and place it in the yard. Make sure the legs are evenly spaced and the swing set does not wobble.

Hammer or screw a swing set anchoring stake into the ground next to each leg until the hook is just above the surface. Place each anchor in the ground at an angle pointing toward the center of the swing set.

Secure each anchor to the swing set at the holes in the bottom of the legs. Different swing set anchor kits have different methods of attachment. You may have to thread a strap or chain through the hook in the anchor and bolt it to the leg, or the anchor itself may be designed to hook into the hole in the leg.

Cover the top of the anchor with soil or other surface material so that your children do not trip over it.


The concrete method is more reliable, but it is also permanent. Use anchoring stakes if you want to be able to move your swing set later.


Check your swing set regularly to make sure that it remains securely anchored to the ground.

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