How to Repair a Power Wheels Brute Force

The Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force vehicle may experience problems that prevent normal operation 1. Many common problems are battery related, though additional problems may occur with the motor connections and improper setup for high speed driving. Power Wheels are not complicated toys and you can often discover the issue through troubleshooting and repair it yourself.

Short Running Time

Remove your foot from the pedal and wait approximately 25 seconds for the battery's thermal fuse to reset before driving the vehicle again. The thermal fuse protects the battery from overheating when extra strain is placed on the battery due to difficult driving conditions.

Press the locking tab on the back of the seat and lift the seat off the vehicle. Check that the motor harness connector is plugged into the jack on the side of the battery. Reinsert the motor harness connector if needed.

Pull back on the battery retainer tab located on the right side of the vehicle and lift the battery out of the vehicle. Remove the motor harness connector and place the battery on a hard, flat surface near a power outlet. Plug the small end of the battery charger into the power jack on the side of the battery and the block end of the charger into the power outlet. Allow the battery to charge for at least 14 hours, but no longer than 30 hours. Reinsert the battery when finished charging.

Replace the battery with a new battery. Repeated battery charging will reduce the battery's ability to hold a charge. Before installing the new battery, charge it for at least 18 hours, but no longer than 30 hours.

Vehicle Suddenly Stops and Starts

Turn the vehicle over so that the bottom is facing up and locate the large, gray bottom motor cover in the middle of the rear wheels.

Remove the screws holding the bottom motor cover with a Phillips-head screwdriver and lift the bottom cover off the vehicle to access the motors that turn the rear wheels.

Press in on the connecting piece of each wire leading to the left and right motors to ensure the connections are secure. The jarring movements while driving may loosen the wire connections, which could cause the vehicle to abruptly stop and start.

Replace the bottom motor cover and turn the vehicle around so that it is again resting on its wheels.

Only Low Speed Operation

Move the shifter knob to the full left position to place the vehicle in low gear.

Unscrew the high speed lock-out screw above the low speed position on the shifter box and pull the screw out of the hole.

Push the lock lever on the left side of the shifter box forward to unlock the high speed shifter position.

Move the shift lever to the right and then up to the highest position to access the high speed drive.