How to Make a New Bright RC Car Go Faster

Building RC cars is a fun pastime that the whole family can do together 1. There is nothing more fun than watching these cars really fly around the track. If you have a New Bright RC car, you already know it can go pretty fast as soon as you're done putting it together. However, if you really want this toy car to speed around the track, you'll need to make a few adjustments.

Replace the grease you normally use to a lighter, oil-like lubricant such as WD-40. Thicker grease tends to gunk up, clogging gears and parts, where lighter lubricants will keep things moving fast in your New Bright RC car.

Give your New Bright RC car a look over, checking the gears and internal rotating parts. Make sure the parts are moving freely and are clear of any obstructions. Clean any dirty or rough edges when found. Replace any parts that are not performing as they should.

Run the electric motor in your New Bright RC car for a few hours while it's connected to a power source. This will mold and change the shape of the brushes to the armature. It will also decrease friction that could be caused between the armature and the bearings, allowing the New Bright RC car to run at peak performance.

Get to know your New Bright RC car. Run it around a track and know how it handles and takes turns. Learn the tracks and take advantage of the conditions. Knowing the track surface will also allow you to know when to change out the tires to match the road type. Knowing your car and track will boost performance and will win you better lap times.

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