How to Put a Ponytail in Your Baby's Hair

There are 2 main reasons why someone would put a ponytail in a baby's hair. The first reason is necessity. Some babies are born with long, thick hair. After a short period of time, this hair begins to fall into her eyes. If her parents don't want to give her a haircut just yet, a ponytail is necessary. The other reason for giving a baby a ponytail is simple desire. When some folks have a baby girl, they just can't wait to dress her in girly outfits and put pretty things in her hair. This ponytail guide will work for them as well. If you want to know hot to put a ponytail in a baby's hair, read further.

Purchase tiny baby hair ties. You must have hair ties designed for extra thin hair. Baby hair ties are 3/4 inch in diameter. Adult hair ties are much too large to maintain any type of elastic hold on a baby's hair.

Distract your baby with a toy or a television show designed to hold and infant's attention. Baby's typically don't like you fussing with their hair. If you begin early, however, she might get used to it.

Comb your baby's hair the direction in which it grows. Look at your baby's head. Most of the time, her hair will grow in a circular pattern on her head. Comb her hair in the direction of that circle.

Pull your baby's hair together gently with you fingertips. Hold the hair at it's base, near the head. Typically, you should hold the hair together with your non dominant hand. For those that are right handed, use your left hand.

Pick up the hair tie with your dominant hand and spread it with your thumb and index finger. Stretch the hair tie over the hair, twist, and double over itself. You will need to continue doubling and stretching the hair tie over your baby's hair until the tie feels snug. Baby's have thin hair, so it could take a few turns.


If you must, practice on a doll at first. You will need to be lightning fast in order to successfully place a baby ponytail. Most babies only give you a minute or so until they begin to squirm and fuss.


Don't put barrettes in your baby's hair during the stage where she puts everything in her mouth. She could grab and pull it out of her hair and swallow it.