How to Remove Gentian Violet Stains From Skin

Gentian violet is a dye that is effective as a topical treatment for yeast infections 1. Often breastfeeding mothers and babies who are suffering from a common yeast infection can treat the infection by applying gentian violet to the affected skin of both the mother and baby 1. Gentian violet is generally successful when used to eliminate yeast on the skin 1. However, a drawback of using gentian violet is the deep purple stains that occur on the skin wherever it is applied 1. There are several methods you can try to remove gentian violet stains from your skin 1.

Apply Vaseline or lanolin cream around the baby’s mouth before applying the gentian violet 1. This will help prevent the gentian violet from absorbing into the skin 1.

Wipe up excess gentian violet from the mother’s and baby’s skin as quickly as possible with the paper towels so the excess does not soak into the skin 1.

Saturate a cotton swab with a small amount of vodka or isopropyl alcohol. Dab carefully at the gentian violet stains on the mother’s and baby’s skin to remove the stains 1. Do not allow the vodka or isopropyl to touch the baby’s lips, where the baby might accidentally ingest the liquid.

Moisten a paper towel and use it to rinse the vodka or isopropyl alcohol from the mother’s and baby’s skin. The wet paper towel will both rinse away the vodka or alcohol and remove as much of the gentian violet as possible 1.

Rub a baby wipe over the stained area if any gentian violet remains on the mother’s or baby’s skin 1. The alcohol in baby wipes is often effective for removing gentian violet stains 1. Rinse off the skin after rubbing it with the baby wipe.

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