Preparation Checklist for a Newborn Baby Girl

If you visit any baby store, it can be fun -- and overwhelming -- to wander through the aisles of cute and tiny baby accessories. Expectant parents often wonder what supplies they really need to purchase for their newborn. While baby wipe warmers, mobiles and baby swings may be nice accessories to have, your newborn baby girl only requires a few basic supplies.

Sleeping Supplies

A safe place to sleep is one of the most important things a newborn girl needs 1. If you buy a crib, she will also need a crib mattress, 2 to 3 fitted sheets, two mattress pads and a waterproof liner. If you plan to co-sleep, have a firm bed mattress, three waterproof pads you can place under your baby and a light blanket. If you want to start your baby off in a smaller bed, purchase a bassinet or cradle to use for the first couple of months 2. Keep at least four receiving blankets, 2 to 3 wearable blankets and three swaddling blankets on hand for wrapping your baby in. Give her sleeping space a feminine touch by choosing bedding in shades of pink and purple or decorated with ladybugs, butterflies or flowers.

Feeding Supplies

If you plan to formula-feed your baby girl, have some cans of formula and 4 to 12 bottles and nipples. To keep her bottles clean, buy two bottle brushes, a dishwasher basket (if you plan to wash the bottles in the dishwasher) and a bottle-drying rack. If you intend to breastfeed, you will need 3 to 5 nursing bras, ointment for sore nipples and breast pads to catch leaks. Breastfeeding moms often appreciate the flexibility a manual or electric breast pump provides. If you buy one, you will also need to purchase some bottles, nipples and bottle cleaning supplies. No matter how you feed your baby, purchase 6 to 12 burp cloths to catch your baby's spit-up after she eats.


Baby girls go through a lot of outfits, thanks to spit-up and diaper leaks. Aim to have 5 to 7 one-piece outfits your baby can sleep or play in, 5 to 7 pairs of pajamas, 4 to 7 onesies -- t-shirts that snap at the crotch -- and 5 to 7 pairs of pants. Buy a hat and about six pairs of socks to help keep your baby warm 2. A winter baby will need a snowsuit and a summer baby should have a lightweight jacket. You may also want at least 2 to 3 dressier outfits.

Hygiene Supplies

To keep your baby girl clean, purchase an infant bathtub, baby shampoo and body wash, 2 to 3 hooded bath towels and 5 to 7 washcloths. Buy infant nail clippers, a soft-bristled brush, a comb and child-safe nail polish if you want to paint her nails. If you plan to use cloth diapers, purchase 4 to 5 dozen diapers and eight waterproof covers. If using disposables, start off with two boxes of newborn-sized diapers. Whichever diapering method you use, you will also need baby wipes, a pail for disposing dirty diapers, diaper rash ointment and a changing pad.


A rear-facing infant car seat is necessary to keep your newborn girl safe when you travel. Since you will probably spend a lot of time carrying her in the seat, select one with a pink cover to ward off comments about what a "handsome boy" you have. If your baby will sleep in her own room, buy a baby monitor so you can listen in on her while she naps or sleeps at night. Make sure to have a digital thermometer, a bulb syringe for cleaning out her nose and a mild laundry detergent to protect her sensitive skin.