Places to Buy Used Baby Think It Over Dolls

A Baby Think It Over doll is a life-like baby doll with a built-in computer that acts like a real baby--it cries, wants to be held and displays other human emotions 1. Baby Think It Over dolls are used to teach individuals, especially teenagers, the demands of taking care of a baby 1. The doll's goal is to force teenagers to think twice about pregnancy and the demands of parenthood at a young age. Used Baby Think It Over dolls are available for purchase from auction websites and local for-sale forums.

iOffer Auction Site & Local For Sale Forums

iOffer is another auction site that sells used Baby Think It Over dolls, but the selection is not large and varies from week to week 1. Also, check your local for sale forums, including Craigslist, to see if any Baby Think It Over dolls are available. If you use to locate a doll, you may have to search multiple cities to find one. Be aware of fake posts on Craigslist, and pay with a money order that can be traced if something happens.

eBay Online Auction

Another website that sells used Baby Think It Over dolls is You can find a large selection of both African-American, Hispanic and Caucasian dolls, as well as accessories for the dolls. Prices vary depending on current bid offers. Some dolls are even sold at “Buy It Now” prices.