How to Sell Toy Hot Wheels Cars

Selling Hot Wheels cars is easy because there are so many Hot Wheels car collectors. The best and easiest way to sell Hot Wheels cars is utilizing the auction service of eBay. Of course, there's always advertisements in the local paper, or other online sites that sell goods, but with eBay, you have access to one of the largest audiences online. With so many eBay buyers, you'll have no problem getting top-dollar for your toy Hot Wheels cars. Follow a few simple selling strategies, and soon you'll be happily selling your collection.

Choose the toy Hot Wheels car you want to sell. Take a picture of at least two sides of the car, preferably one picture of the wheels. Hot Wheels are dated by the wheels. Collectors can tell how old the car is by the wheel style. Some of the newer cars look the same as the older cars, but the wheels are newer. The buyer is going to want to see the wheel style, and probably underneath the car where the name and the original date usually are stamped.

Purchase a Hot Wheels car pricing manual. A good one is "Tomart's Price Guide to Hot Wheels Collectibles" by Michael Thomas Strauss. In this manual, you will find a description of each car by date, and the going price range. When selling your car collection, it helps to know what your cars are worth.

Put together a short summary of the car you are selling. In your description, include the name of the car, the date, the colors, any decals and writing. Make sure to list all writing on the underneath. If you have a good picture of the wheels, you won't have to describe them. You can list what the going price is, or you can leave that blank. Most collectors already know.

Wait to see how much your Hot Wheels car will sell for. You do have the option on eBay to sell your item at a set price. You can do this if the car you are selling is worth a lot, and you want to make sure you don't lose money on it. But you can also start the auction at a given price. Whichever way you choose, your car is now up for sell.

Keep a notebook with an itemized list of every car you have posted. Write down the eBay auction number, and when the car sells, write down the amount it sold for. Accurately write down the buyer's information. Keep all of the information handy in one place. There is nothing worse than selling an item, only to lose the buyer's information. You can also keep up with this information in eBay's "My eBay" section.

Wrap the car well in bubble wrap. Place the protected car inside of a bubble wrap bag. The bags come in all sizes, but because Hot Wheels cars are small, your bag size should be no bigger than 5 by 7 inches. Remember, the smaller the shipping material, the cheaper the shipping. Once you receive your payment from the buyer, address the envelope, and ship your car.


Make sure to do your homework before you sell your Hot Wheels car collection. Some of these little cars sell for hundreds of dollars.


It's a good idea to wrap your cars in bubble wrap and send them in small boxes if your car is worth a great deal. It would be a shame to send a car in a bubble envelope, have it get smashed, and owe the buyer back the money. And always insure your package with the post office in case something does happen to your merchandise. When writing down the buyer's information, make sure you are accurate. You don't want to write the address wrong and send the car to the wrong place.

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