How to Upgrade the Ride on Toys From 6V to 12V

While ride-on toys are great fun, they aren't very fast, and this can make them quite boring. Most of these toys are built with safety as a top priority, as they are designed for young children; however, upgrades can make the fun stay relevant as your child grows older. Learn how to upgrade your ride-on toy vehicle from 6 volts to 12 volts to really make things interesting.

Open the battery compartment of the vehicle by unhinging the two clips, then prying open the compartment door. Pull out the battery, then disconnect it from the vehicle by disengaging the connector.

Use the wire cutters to cut the clip off the battery, then strip 1/4 inch off the two wires leading from the battery, and the two wires leading from the connector.

Crimp a pair of the wire connectors to the positive (red) and negative (black) leads of the battery. Slide the connector onto the wire, then squeeze it into position with the pliers. Connect the second pair onto the two wires leading from the battery connector, and the third pair onto the second battery pack.

Connect the negative wire of the first battery pack into the positive wire of the second battery, then plug the positive wire of the first battery to the positive (red) wire of the battery connector. Connect the negative wire of the second battery pack to the negative (black) wire of the battery connector. This will connect the two batteries in series, which combines the voltage of both 6 cell packs, providing a total of 12 volts to the vehicle.

Plug the battery connector back into the vehicle, then insert the two batteries into the compartment and close the door.

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