The Best Menu for a Teen Party

The best menu for a teen party depends on the type and location of the gathering. Factors will also include whether it is an inside or outside event, if it is formal or informal, and the budget of the parents hosting the function. Personal preferences also come into play as teens vary as to what they consider to be the best food selections for a successful party.


Many teens just like to mingle and munch as they enjoy a teen gathering. Food that can be served on small plates and easily consumed with just a fork or fingers is perfect for a younger crowd. Scatter bowls of popcorn, peanuts and snack mixes for those extra large appetites. Set up a beverage station with an assortment of sodas and flavored iced tea for thirsty party goers.


Both indoor and outdoor parties can utilize a picnic theme. Barbeque ribs, hot dogs, brats, hamburgers or crispy fried chicken will be hearty fare for teen appetites. Spread the buffet selections on red and white checked tablecloths and serve with tumblers of sweet tea and lemonade and you will be sure to have some very satisfied teenagers.

Ethnic Selections

Teens love to try foods from different cultures 1. A Mexican buffet, complete with a taco and chalupa bar, chips and queso, and Mexican pastries or a cactus-shaped cake will satisfy almost any young appetite. An Italian pasta bar, complete with an attendant, will produce a variety of dishes such as:

  • pasta Alfredo
  • fettuccine Marinara,
  • bread sticks
  • finished off with cream-filled cannolis or thick slices of Italian cream cake

Just Desserts

If the event is mid-afternoon or late in the evening, a dessert selection may be just the ticket for a sweet treat for attendees. A sundae bar with a selection of pre-scooped or individually packaged ice cream, an assortment of sauces and an array of toppings such as crushed candy bars, nuts, cherries and sprinkles will be an instant hit. For lighter fare, a tray of cream puffs, Napoleons and eclairs will be easy to eat at a stand-up affair. Cupcakes and cake pops on stands will provide instant and edible centerpieces. Add clear glass canisters of assorted candies for even more sweet temptations.