Cute Baby Girl Nicknames

Baby girls’ names are typically chosen before they are even born. Nicknames are used in lieu of real names to recognize unique qualities in your baby girl. The nickname may come to you spontaneously, or you can write down characteristics you love about your baby to get started. Get creative and come up with a positive nickname that may even stick for her lifetime.

Name Variations

One of the best ways to create a nickname for a baby girl is to use a variation of her first or middle name. Use the nickname Alex for a baby girl named Alexis, Bella for Isabella or Maddy for Madeline. Some names, such as Katherine, have a wide variety of nicknames you can use: Kate, Kathy, Katie or Kat. Another way to create a nickname is to use a variation of the first letter of the name. For example, call a baby girl Dee if her name is Deidre or Bee if her name is Brooklyn.


Just like babies, animals have characteristics that make each of them unique. Use animals as inspiration to create a nickname for your baby girl. Use a nickname such as Bunny, Fawn or Kitten for a cute and cuddly bundle of joy. If your baby girl has a vivacious personality, think about using Tiger or Bear as an animal-based nickname. Choose an animal nickname such as Squirrel or Monkey for a baby girl with a mischievous personality.

Behavior Traits

As your baby girl grows, you will begin to notice her unique behavioral traits. Use these traits as inspiration for her perfect nickname. Choose Giggles or Squeaker as a nickname to go along with the cute noises she makes. Choose from a wide variety of nicknames for fast walkers or crawlers, such as Lightning, Flash, Bolt or Speedy. If your little girl exhibits a special trait you cherish, select a nickname to recognize it such as Little Helper, Inspector or Adventurer.


Food is an excellent inspiration for nicknames. Dumpling, Sweet Pea and Honey are popular nicknames for girls 1. Call your sweet baby girl Sugar, Muffin, Cupcake or another nickname of a favorite treat. Herbs and spices can also be used to generate nickname ideas such as Ginger, Cinnamon, Sage or Rosemary. Maybe your baby girl is the apple of your eye, so Apple is the perfect nickname. Other fruits that make beautiful nicknames include Berry, Olive, Peach or Cherry.

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