How to Make a Bassinet Liner

Once you have found the perfect bassinet, you may want to personalize it with an original bassinet liner. This sewing project is simple to do and allows you to use material that matches your nursery and decorating them. There are several different styles of bassinets, but you should be able to adapt this bassinet pattern to fit your particular model. It is also nice to have an extra liner or two on hand in case of nighttime accidents.

Trace the bottom of the bassinet or the bassinet mattress to get the main part of the pattern, and measure the depth of the bassinet and the length of the sides. If it is oval shape you want to go from the middle of one point to the middle of the other point. The side measurement needs to include the length of liner that you want to go over the basket.

Cut the material according to your pattern. There will be five total pieces that you cut. One is the bottom of the bassinet, two are the length by the depth of the bassinet measurements, and two are the length you want to hang over the sides. Add a half inch to each of the measurements for seam allowances.

Hem the two pieces of the inside of the liner to the base of the liner.

Stitch together the ends of the sides of the bassinet liner. This will form the inside of the liner for the bassinet. The hem along the top will help the liner to stay in straight.

Sew the two outside pieces of the liner to the top of the inside pieces of the liner. Sew the pieces together at either end.

Check to see if the liner fits correctly in your basket. The bassinet mattress will go on top of the liner, which will then go up and over the sides of the bassinet. The top of the bassinet should be where the inside and outside pieces meet.


You can add lace to the bottom of the liner and thread a ribbon through it that matches your nursery décor. You can also add a ribbon about an inch below the top of the bassinet.

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