How to Make Diaper for a 12 Year Old

For some children, nighttime accidents can occur as late as the age of 12 and beyond in children with developmental issues. This is typically difficult for parents and embarrassing for the child, and can lead to both of you having a hard time sleeping at night. To protect your child’s clothing and bedding, you can make a diaper for your 12 year old. By finding cheap fabric and making these diapers yourself, you can help your child sleep more comfortable and lessen your housework load.

Take a diaper pattern, available online or at craft stores, and adjust the sizing to fit your 12 year old. Measure his waist, upper thighs and the distance between the back and front of his waist. If you need a larger pattern, photocopy the pattern you have and increase the size by percentage if necessary. You can do this at most office supply stores if you do not have a photo copier handy.

Cut the outside fabric, which is what will show when your child is wearing the diaper, using the diaper pattern. You will need two pieces of fabric cut in the shape of the pattern per diaper.

Cut the inside fabric using the same pattern. You will need two of these as well for extra absorbency. These will be the same size as the outside pieces.

Fold a microfiber towel to fit down the length of the pattern, with space near the top and bottom. The towel should fit comfortably in the area that will be between your child’s legs and slightly above. Once you have it folded neatly, sew around its edge with a straight stitch to hold the fold in place.

Sew the towel with a zigzag stitch all the way around to one of the inside pieces of fabric. The towel should be located in the center of the piece.

Pin all four pieces of fabric together with the outer fabric pieces inside of the inner fabric pieces. Sew around the diaper with a straight stitch, leaving the front pieces of the diaper open, where the diaper will sit at your child's waist. Typically, these pieces are narrower at the bottom, although it is best to go by your pattern instructions.

Trim the edges around the hem, nicking the fabric in the curves without cutting the stitching.

Fold the diaper in half lengthwise and mark guidelines where you want your elastic to go. Go by your pattern to determine where the elastic should go, but make sure that both sides are even. You will need elastic in both legs, the front and the back of the diaper, excluding the tab areas on the sides of the back piece.

Sew one end of the elastic down with a small, straight stitch. Then, stretch the elastic until the end is where it needs to be and sew the rest down with a zigzag stitch. Repeat this for both legs and the back of the diaper 1. Cut off any excess elastic.

Turn the diaper right side out. Fold in the open piece that you did not stitch and use a straight stitch to close the gap.

Pin loop Velcro on the exterior front of the diaper and sew it in place with a zigzag stitch all the way around.

Pin hook Velcro on the tabs and secure it all the way around with a zigzag stitch.

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