How to Mail Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are becoming an increasingly popular gift because they can be customized to suit the needs of each expecting mother. Diaper cakes are a practical gift because, depending on the size, they can contain up to 60 diapers. Diaper cakes are also stuffed and decorated with other toys, baby lotion, baby bottles and other usable items. Shipping a baby cake is relatively simple; you just need to find the perfect-sized box and follow standard shipping protocol 1.

Choose a box that your diaper cake will fit inside. If your cake has items that are breakable, be sure to select a box big enough to add protective cushioning.

Remove all previous markings on the box or black them out with a permanent marker. This step only applies to those reusing a box to send their package. You can purchase new shipping boxes from the post office or a shipping store.

Insert the cushioning around the cake, if needed. Insert the cake into the box. Seal all the openings with 2-inch-wide packing tape.

Print your return address in the top left corner of the box. Print the address where the parcel is being sent in large letters on the same side of the box. Both addresses should be parallel to the longest side of the box. You should be able to read the delivery address from an arm’s length away.

Place the required amount of postage on the parcel. You can calculate the postage by visiting the United States Postal Service website 2. (See Resources.)

Drop off the parcel at your nearest post office for shipping.

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