How to Label Clothes for Daycare

Take the time to label all of your child's clothes for daycare.

If you are preparing to send your child to daycare, after-school care or even to a church nursery, it is important to label all of his personal items with his name. Parents can label soft items like clothing, blankets and pillows with iron-on labels, and items with hard surfaces such as a nap mat, sippy cup and lunch containers must be labeled with a permanent marker. Taking the time to properly identify each of your child’s items hopefully means fewer lost items in the long run.

Permanent Marker

Clean each of your child’s items that have a hard surface, like bottles, trainer cups and snack trays, in addition to shoes and rain boots. Wait for the items to dry completely.

Cut off a piece of painter’s tape and write your child’s full name with a permanent marker or laundry marker onto the piece of tape. Press the tape onto one of the items. Repeat for each item that you need to send to daycare. Place the tape label on the inside of the shoes and boots.

Place each item into your child’s diaper bag for the first day at daycare, after waiting for the marker to dry completely.

Iron-On Labels

Purchase or make enough iron-on name labels featuring your child’s name for each of her soft-surface items, like her pillow, diaper bag and all clothing. Choose a bright-colored background if you want the label to stand out.

Set your iron to its hottest, dry setting. Place the label onto the garment where you want it, for example, near a jacket seam or the collar of a rain coat. Cover the label with a clean pressing cloth.

Press the iron firmly onto the pressing cloth and label. Hold it onto the cloth for 15 seconds. Allow the label to cool completely. Test the label to confirm that it does not peel off. Repeat for each item of clothing that you need to send to daycare.

Things You Will Need

  • Permanent marker or laundry marker
  • Painter’s tape
  • Items for daycare
  • Diaper bag
  • Iron-on labels
  • Iron
  • Pressing cloth