How to Label Baby's Items for Day Care

When your little one attends day care, you’ll have a variety of details needing attention. To make sure that her little booties and bibs all come home with her at the end of the day, it’s wise to label her belongings that go to day care with her. Although you could purchase preprinted labels, you don’t have to make the labeling process complicated to make sure that every item has a name printed on it.

  1. Write your baby’s name on any tags sewn onto items with the permanent marker, including blankets, soft-soled shoes and clothing. Most clothing no longer features tags, however, so you will need to label tagless clothing differently.

  1. Affix a blank adhesive label to items such as wipe containers, boxes of diapers, bottles, sippy cups, formula and over-the-counter medication. Write your little one’s name on the blank label using the permanent marker or on the item itself if you choose-.

  1. Cut 1-inch-by-3-inch rectangles out of the white cotton fabric to label your little one’s clothing separates that she will wear at day care or take to day care. Write your baby’s first and last name on each fabric rectangle. Sew the labels on the inside of your baby’s clothing pieces with the needle and thread, at the neck for shirts and dresses and at the waistband for pants, shorts and skirts.

  1. Label socks by writing your baby’s name on the sole of the sock with the permanent marker or by sewing a label to the inside upper edge of both socks.

  1. Mark outerwear by writing your baby’s name on the tags found on the inside of each garment. Label mittens and hats by sewing a label on the inside cuffs.

  1. Write your baby’s name on the diaper bag that accompanies her to day care. Some diaper bags have special spots on the interior that enable you to slip a name card into the slot to identify the bag. If your bag does not have this feature, write your baby’s name on the interior tag of the diaper bag.

  2. Tips

    Maintain an inventory of the items that accompany your baby to day care to ensure that you know which belongings remain at day care. It’s easy to lose items when you juggle a baby going back and forth between multiple locations. Keeping a detailed list and labeling belongings clearly should minimize loss.


    Follow any specific instructions you receive from your day care regarding labeling your baby's belongings.

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