What Kind of Jeans Should a Teen Boy Wear?

Boys tend to know what they like and often prefer to stick to one style than to change fashions with seasons or peer choices. But while teen boys might be easier to shop with, finding the right pair of jeans can still be a struggle. Denim is a U.S. fashion institution and will likely be the basis for most of your teen's outfits. Help your teen choose the right pair of jeans to help him define his style 1.


The wash -- or color -- of jeans can make a big difference in your teen's overall appearance. The wash refers to the amount of dye in the jeans, which gives them their signature blue color. Dark-wash jeans will ultimately "go" with more of your teen's existing wardrobe, so it's a good place to start. Lighter-wash jeans are still acceptable, as are colored jeans, which have become more available in recent years. If your teen is wary of trying colored denim, start with more neutral colors -- a pair of brown or army green jeans might be less intimidating than a pair of red jeans for your fashion-conscious teen.


Your teen's preferred jean style is a personal preference that might be related to anything from his body issues to his peer group and even the music he enjoys. Boys' jeans can be skinny, straight, boot cut, loose or carpenter, offering your teen plenty of choices. Your best bet is to have him try on several styles. Head to a store that specializes in denim and grab a pair of each style to see which one your teen favors.


Some jeans feature patterns and distressing to give them a more custom look, or to make them seem more worn than they really are. While features can add personality to jeans, ensure that any patterns, distressing or labels are in accordance with your teen's school dress codes. Some school prohibit excess distressing or loud brand labels, so check with school rules before you go shopping. After all, the best jeans for teen boys are the ones he can regularly wear.


Denim isn't the only option when it comes to casual pants for teen boys 1. Your teen has plenty of choices, and while a couple of pairs of jeans can start a wardrobe, adding other types of casual pants can give him more creativity in how he dresses. Look for colored or patterned twill, including camouflage-patterned cargo pants, or khakis if your teen wants something other than jeans. If school dress code allows, shorts can also serve as an alternative, giving your teen plenty of options in expressing himself through his clothes.

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