What Do Teenagers in France Wear?

Average teenagers in France dress much as U.S. teenagers do. When they are not wearing school uniforms, they will wear jeans and comfortable shoes. You will not see French teens in leisure wear outside of the house though, so leave your yoga pants at home, according to an article at the Paris Escapes website 1. Up until recently, even jeans were considered too casual for leaving the house, but now French teens can be spotted in designer denim. Knowing how French teens dress and approach their hair and makeup can help your teen fit in when traveling.


Paris Escapes recommends that U.S. tourists choose neutral colors if they want to fit in, especially in the city 1. “You can never go wrong wearing black in Paris -- in fact, you'll notice that this is the color scheme that most of the locals live in,” according to the website. Other neutral colors are equally subtle anywhere in Paris, but your son or daughter might find that most French people avoid large, bright prints. A few well-chosen accessories in various colors, though, can make a positive statement. Your teen can browse photos from the most recent fashion week to find out what’s in this season.


The key to French fashion for anyone is elegance. If your teen doesn’t want to stand out as a tourist, she should avoid mixing too many loud prints, colors, or showy pieces in her outfits. One standout accessory is acceptable; three is far too much. Your teen might choose one or two pieces of jewelry to wear with simple black pants and a patterned blouse. Scarves are also a common way to accent basic outfits, according to Paris Escapes 1.


U.S. tourists shouldn't wear white tennis shoes, according to Paris Escapes 1. They’re comfortable for sports, but they’re a giveaway on the Paris streets. Teens can wear the flat Puma-style sneakers that French teens tend to wear with skinny or straight-leg jeans. High heels, flats, or dressy sandals will also work for girls, as long as the walk isn’t too long. Paris Escapes recommends investing in comfortable but dressy European brands for traveling 1.

Hair and Makeup

French women tend to emphasize a natural look in makeup, choosing to accent their eyes or lips, but not both. Your teen would do best to go light on the makeup, keeping her face fresh and clean, with just a little bit of lip gloss and/or some light mascara if she desires. She can wear her hair down or in a braid or ponytail. Not only will this be an easy look for traveling, but also this way she will fit in with the rest of the girls in France.

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