How to Keep a Baby Girl's Hair Soft & Smooth

Baby girls might have tons of hair on their tiny heads or just a few wispy tufts, but either way a baby's hair requires care to keep the delicate strands soft and smooth 12. If your baby girl has curly or unmanageable hair keeping it smooth can be even more of a challenge, but not impossible with the right tools. Knowing how to keep your little girl's hair healthy looking can also prevent hair damage or even loss of hair on her head.

Brush out your baby girl's hair while it is dry to remove any tangles before wetting it. Use a soft-bristled baby brush and work from the bottom of hair strands upward, slowly working out tangles and brushing them down toward the tips and out of your baby's hair.

Wash your little girl's hair just before taking her out of the bathtub with warm water. If she loves lengthy baths and plenty of play in the water hold off on shampoo until the end and don't use more than half a tablespoon as too much shampoo can weigh down hair. Rinse shampoo out thoroughly. Don't shampoo more than once as you don't want to strip your baby's hair of its natural proteins and oils.

Use your wide-toothed comb and spray your girl's hair with three or four pumps of detangler, giving any knots one or two extra sprays. Comb out tangles slowly and carefully, starting at the bottom of hair and working your way up.

Apply baby oil to the little girl's hair once a week after using washing with shampoo. Pour oil onto your comb and slowly comb it through her locks. Baby oil is a gentle deep conditioner and works especially well at smoothing even the thickest of baby hair. Let the oil sit for one minute then rinse it out thoroughly.

Allow your baby's hair to air dry and run your comb through it every five or ten minutes as it does to keep it smooth as it dries out. Once dry, brush through the hair with a soft-bristled baby brush.

Use only cloth hair ties or ribbons to pull your baby girl's hair back, as rubber or elastic will break hair and cause frizz. Don't pull her hair back tightly. With longer hair, separate it into pigtails to prevent long locks from getting tangled up. If you're leaving her hair down try to brush it every couple of hours to keep tangles away.


If your little girl loves to wiggle around or gets upset when her hair is washed or combed, try to reserve hair care time to just before bed or a nap when she's more relaxed and tired. Playing soothing music or using products with relaxing scents can also help to calm her down.


Only use products on your baby girl's hair that are meant specifically for babies. Adult products can cause irritation to your baby's sensitive skin and hair.

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