Instructions for making Reborn dolls

Doll enthusiasts everywhere truly take pleasure making Reborn dolls because the completed dolls transpire into amazing works of art 1. The dolls feel and look remarkably real, they have actually fooled people. For instance, an incident occurred where a lady left her Reborn doll in the car while she went shopping and a passer-by saw the doll in her car and immediately called police because they sincerely assumed the doll was a live baby. Surprisingly, with only a little time and patience, you can make your very own Reborn doll.

Choose a Reborn doll kit. The kits save an enormous amount of time for doll makers, and you can find one at an extremely reasonable price. You can choose from a variety of sizes ranging from 15 cm / 6 inches to 76cm / 30 inches, allowing you to make a toddler-size doll, a baby or a miniature doll.

Separate all the doll parts by cutting the ties with your craft knife. Lay out the head, two arms and two legs. Clean each doll part and remove all paint on the doll parts using a mild paint remover that's safe for vinyl.

Soak doll parts at least an hour in hot soapy water to remove any residue from the paint remover. Lay all parts on a towel to dry thoroughly.

Paint or dye all vinyl doll parts, using a shade lighter than the skin colour you want the baby to have. Apply colour lightly, keeping in mind that you can add additional colour if needed, but you can't take it away without starting all over.

Replace eyes by melting the current eye sockets with a hair dryer. Hold dryer, turned on medium high, close to one eye socket for about a minute. Try removing eyes, if they don't remove easy, reheat area another minute and try again. Do the same for the other eye. Although you may skip this step, for the optimum realistic results, it's suggested.

Paint the veins on the doll's body parts using a very fine tip paintbrush.

Apply the blush with a cosmetic sponge, using a soft rosy colour. Remember, apply lightly, if after it dries, you feel it's not enough colour, add more sparingly.

Apply wig on the head with glue. Center the wig carefully and allow the glue to dry. Natural hair wigs have the most lifelike effect. If you have the time and patience, suggests Bountiful Baby, you can root the doll's hair for even more realistic results.

Attach the vinyl doll parts to the body of the doll. Fill each arm and each leg halfway with pellets and the other half with stuffing. Secure the caps back on each arm and leg.

Carefully fill the doll's body with pellets and cotton stuffing for a softer feel. The pellets will provide the most weight, so tuck them inside the body toward the baby doll's bottom. Bear in mind, you want the body to weigh more than the head or other doll parts. Also, remember you want the natural feel of a baby's body, so don't stuff too firmly.

Stuff the head of the doll by securing pellets in a small bag prior to placing in the head to help insure the pellets don't rattle. You can use a smaller size self-sealing plastic bag or cut off a sock or stocking and tie the end securely. Surround the pellets with the cotton stuffing for added security to avoid any clattering noise. Sew all openings.

Dress the finished reborn doll in the appropriate size clothing. You can use real baby clothes, with a choice of a memorable outfit from your child's past, a treasured outfit specifically purchased for the doll, or you can design and sew a unique outfit for your new baby doll.


Tackle each step when you have time to dedicate to the creation of your doll. The steps aren't particularly time consuming, but you don't want to work under pressure because it will take away some of the pleasure of creating your new doll.


Always work in a ventilated area when working with a paint remover. When taking a break from working on your doll, be sure everything is out of reach from children or pets.