Ideas for Indoor Activities for a Three Year Old Princess Birthday Party

Many little girls fantasize about being a beautiful princess. A princess birthday party is the perfect way to indulge her fantasy, if only for a day 3. For a three-year-old toddler and her friends, keep the indoor activities and games short and simple to hold their attention.

Arts and Crafts

Help the girls make princess tiaras to start the princess birthday party off 3. All you need is a bunch of plastic headbands, pipe cleaners and colorful beads. Bead all the pipe cleaners, then have the kids wrap them around the headbands to create a tiara shape. You can also have the kids make fairy princess wands using paper towel tubes painted white for the handles. Allow the children to put glitter glue all over the handles. Cut out paper stars and attach them to one end of the paper towel tubes, along with a few thin ribbons to complete the look.

Princess Activities

Set up a tea party that includes bite-size, toddler-friendly snacks such as cut-up fruit, cheese cubes and crackers. Instead of a traditional cake, you can give each little princess her own petit four cake. Have the girls dress up their princess outfits with girly accessories such as princess heels, necklaces, large rings and bracelets. Dressing up and playing with the accessories will keep the girls occupied for much of the party.


Play a few princess-themed games, such as pin the tiara on the princess. You can blow up any picture of a princess character and a picture of a tiara for this game. Another game toddlers might like is princess freeze, which is just like freeze dance except you play songs from popular princess movies. You can also do a princess scavenger hunt, hiding princess character toys around the play area.

Princess Movies

If you have the time, put on your daughter's favorite princess movie. Since it is still hard for toddlers to sit still for long, it's a good idea to fast forward to the parts where the characters are singing and the kids know the songs. An alternative is to show a shorter, straight-to-DVD princess-themed movie, such as the Barbie princess series. It's also a great way to get the little princesses to drift off for a much-needed nap so you can start cleaning up.