Hygiene Activities for Teens

Having proper hygiene is essential to maintaining a healthy body for teenagers. Teens should be familiarized with proper hygiene skills in order for them to have strong bodies and live long healthy lives. Encourage teens to participate in hygiene activities to learn more about taking care of their bodies and the proper way to do it 12.

True or False Hygiene

Emphasize personal hygiene with a true or false quiz. Create a list of 10 facts about personal hygiene. Add "true" or "false" next to each fact. You could state "All germs are harmful" or "You should brush your teeth after every meal." Divide teens into pairs and provide them with a list. Each pair must circle whether they think the fact is true or false. Read the correct answers to the teens. The pair who has the most correct number of facts wins the game.

Germs on My Hand

Remind teens that we can not always see germs on our body -- especially our hands. Provide each teen with a microscope. Have the teens collect some everyday items they use with their hands like pens or paper from places where they spend a lot of time, such as a classroom or playground. Have teens put the items under the microscope to look at the germs living on them and draw what they see. Reinforce the importance of washing hands due to the amount of germs they encounter on a daily basis.

Good Hygiene Exhibit

Have teens display the skills they learned about personal hygiene in a creative way. Provide teens with large pieces of paper and art supplies to create hygiene posters. They can create collages, paintings or drawings as long as it is related to proper hygiene. For instance, a teen may choose to focus on bathing so he could make a collage of pictures of bathtubs, towels, bubbles and soap, along with good hygiene tips and facts. Hang the posters on walls. Invite family members to see the exhibit.

Unhealthy Teeth Experiment

Teach teens about discolored and unhealthy teeth with a simple experiment using an egg. Hard boil several eggs. Provide each teen with an egg and a glass of dark-colored soda. Let the eggs sit in the soda overnight. The eggs will be dark colored and yellow like teeth plaque. Give teens toothbrushes and have them use a little bit of toothpaste. They will use the toothbrush to make their eggs white again just like clean and healthy teeth.

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