Hair Rooting Instructions for Reborn Dolls

Reborn dolls are vinyl baby dolls that have been "reborn," or heavily altered to suit the tastes of the owner. The popularity of reborn dolls is mainly due to the alterations, which imitate real babies as closely as possible. Doll owners can customise their reborns to look like any baby they like, including adding different make-up, eyes and even hair. You can replace your vinyl doll's hair or add hair to a bald doll by rooting new synthetic hair into the head.

Locate an original hair hole on the head of your vinyl reborn doll. Make sure that the hole is empty and free of any remaining strands of the original hair.

Take a small bundle of synthetic hair fibres and fold them in half. Trim the ends of the hair so that the folded length is slightly longer than you need for your doll's finished hairstyle.

Lay the folded bundle over the hole, with the fold itself directly on the hole.

Pull the hair taut across the hole with 1 hand, and take the felting needle in the other hand.

Push the felting needle into the hole, through the bundle of synthetic hair 1. You should be able to feel the needle catch on the hair fibres.

Pull the needle out of the hole. If you have not rooted enough hair in the hole, push the needle back through the hole a few more times.

Continue this process all over the doll's head, until you have rooted as much hair as you want.

Trim the hair into the desired style.


If you need to add extra holes in the doll's head for thicker, more realistic hair, you can heat up a sewing needle over a flame and use the hot needle to pierce the vinyl.

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