Grab Bag Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

While the grab bag usually isn't the centerpiece of a teen's celebration, teens typically still look forward to grab bag goodies with childlike anticipation. Whether you’re buying one or several grab bags gifts, finding great little items for teen girls is often challenging. Enlist the help of your own teen and keep your budget in mind when you set out on your grab bag gift quest.

Beauty Essentials

If the girls are beauty-loving teens, turn to the cosmetic aisle and look for trendy lipsticks, lip glosses, nail lacquers and eye shadows. Buy a cool cosmetics bag and fill it with the goodies. If you need to get several grab bag gifts, you might want to make your own beauty essentials, which will add a personalized touch. Pick up simple, sealable jars and fill them with a homemade cherry sugar scrub by combining one part olive oil, one cup granulated sugar, a few drops of cherry aromatherapy oil and a few drops of red food coloring. Decorate the jars with ribbon -- and the gifts are complete.

Jewelry and Accessories

Teen girls typically love fashion accessories and jewelry – and are likely to enjoy chunky necklaces, layered necklaces, beaded bracelets or dangly earrings. If it’s a winter grab bag, think scarves, cute little hats or fun mittens. If it’s a summer grab bag, look for barefoot sandals, sunglasses, toe rings and ankle bracelets.

Movies and Music

For teen film fanatics, you can wrap up a gift certificate to a popular movie theater or to a local movie rental shop. You can also purchase DVDs – with your own teen’s approval of course -- of classic films or favorite teen movies. For teens more into music than movies, try a gift card to an online music store, blank CDs or flash drives for storing more tunes.

Bags and More

Teen girls usually love all sorts of bags 1. You can purchase cute clutches at flea markets or street fairs – and keep them on hand for future grab bags. Shoulder-strap bags in bright colors are also fun grab bag gifts. Tote bags, messenger bags and fun backpacks are great ideas as well. If you want to get creative, buy a basic bag and jazz it up with rhinestones, bows or perhaps a bit of leopard print. Teen girls also like change purses and wallets to keep inside their bags -- and again, think fun colors and prints. You might also want to purchase a journal to put in the bag as teen girls often enjoy writing down their thoughts and experiences.