Goodie Bag Ideas for a Jungle Theme Party for Kids

Goodie bags spread the fun of getting gifts to everyone who comes to your child's party. Consider the age of guests, the budget and style of the party when creating goodie bags. Whether you’re looking for simple and traditional or personal and fun, goodie bags for a jungle-themed party are a fun way to extend the birthday excitement for everyone.

Craft Keepsakes

Party activities can double as take home treats with jungle themed crafts. Make animal masks using paper plates, wooden craft sticks, glue, construction paper and scissors. Use brown paper bags, scissors and markers to make safari vests. Hunt animals with homemade binoculars made by attaching two toilet paper rolls side-by-side, looping a piece of yarn through the top for a strap and decorating them as desired.

Edible Treats

Give guests an edible treat to enjoy later. Fill plastic baggies with animal crackers, gummy snakes or sour banana shaped candies and seal them with personalized bag toppers. Or, make cake pops decorated like monkeys, tigers or gorillas, then wrap them in plastic wrap and tie each one off with a thematic ribbon. You can also decorate jungle themed cupcakes and place them in personal sized boxes.

Jungle Trinkets

If traditional is more your style, fill the goodie bags with an assortment of jungle themed trinkets and toys. Items might include:

  • toy compasses
  • plastic
  • inflatable
  • stuffed or grow animals
  • key chains
  • tattoos
  • stickers
  • stampers
  • miniature safari jeeps
  • erasers
  • bookmarks
  • folding fans
  • animal clappers or animal candy dispensers

Safari Wear and Accessories

If your guests are more into dressing up, select clothing and accessory designs that feature jungle animals for younger guests and animal print items for older crowds. Pajama pants, socks or pillowcases are great choices for a sleepover. Or, design a one-of-a-kind party T-shirt to give guests, such as “I survived the jungle at Tyler’s 8th birthday bash.”