Dolls That Act Like a Real Baby

If your little girl loves playing with dolls, you may have considered finding a doll for her that is similar to an actual baby--which is fairly easy, thanks to today's technological advances when it comes to toys. There are several life-like dolls on the market that your daughter will enjoy playing with based on your child's age and the doll's features.

Berenguer Dolls

Dolls manufactured by Spain-based company Berenguer feel and behave like real babies. The dolls are crafted with life-like facial and body features, and even come with mock hospital tags attached to their ankles. The dolls are soft to the touch, making them easy to cuddle, and the dolls act like newborns in that their hands and feet are easy to hold and somewhat limp, the way an infant's would be.

Baby Alive

The Baby Alive, created by Hasbro, comes in a number of varieties depending on the child's age group 2. The Sips and Cuddles baby doll is ideal for toddlers, and has a soft, squeezable middle. When a bottle is placed in the doll's mouth, the Baby Alive will make a sucking noise like a real infant 2. After the doll "eats," it will also make giggling noises, the same way that an actual baby would. The Real Surprises Baby Alive comes with a bowl and spoon, along with special "doll food." When the baby is fed, it will need to have its diaper changed soon after 2. Pressing the bracelet on the doll's arm will cause the toy to sing and laugh.

So Truly Real Dolls

The dolls from So Truly Real are collectible items, and can be enjoyed by both adults and children 1. The dolls from the Maggie collection have chests that rise and fall when the doll is held, to mimic the way an actual infant would breathe. The dolls are also crafted to be soft to the touch, so that the "skin" feels like a real infant. The dolls come with pacifiers as well, and the mouths of the So Truly Real dolls are created to realistically hold the pacifier.