How to Detangle a Baby's Hair

If your baby has hair, then you know that detangling hair can be a nightmare. Babies rub their heads on their carseat and pillows resulting in little dreadlocks that form at the back of their heads. Babies with more hair can end up with quite a mess. Learn how to detangle baby's hair today.

Try spritzing a detangling spray on baby's wet hair. Many detangling formulas offer slight conditioning properties that not only serve to lubricate the hair to help remove tangles, but also coat the hair with a mild ingredient that can prevent future tangles.

Gently work tangles out with a detangling comb, beginning at the ends of the hair. Starting at the top can lead to breakage of baby's delicate hair strands. Broken hairs have microscopic jagged ends that can lead to more tangling in the future. Being gentle preserves the strength of baby's hair strands.

Use a rinse-out conditioner whenever you shampoo baby's hair. These products protect the baby's hair from damage due to tangles, improper brushing and the environment.

Monitor baby's sleep surface and the carseat cover. Is the texture of these areas causing more tangles? You can lay a silky scarf over the back of the carseat if you believe it's the source of tangles. If it's baby's favorite blanket causing troubles, try laying a silky piece of cloth in the crib to lessen the friction.


Grown-up detangling combs have very wide teeth, but for baby's fine hair it's OK to use a smaller toothed comb. As baby gets older, braiding the hair at bedtime can prevent tangles.


Keep detangling spray out of the eyes, it can cause irritation.

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