How to Convert a Graco Somerset Crib

A convertible crib is a wise investment 1. Instead of purchasing a crib, toddler and full-size bed separately, you can purchase one convertible crib that will become all three. The Graco Somerset convertible crib is a popular model that has clean, simple lines that will fit in with any decor 1. Converting the crib to a toddler or full-size bed is a simple process that will take a matter of minutes.

Convert to a Toddler Bed or Day Bed

The first conversion for your Graco Somerset crib will be to a toddler bed or day bed. Remove the crib bedding, bumpers and mattress. To convert the crib to a toddler bed, you simply need to remove the front rail of the crib. Unscrew the rail at the sides on the top and the bottom. You do not need to use a toddler bed conversion kit with this model. These conversion kits usually include a bracing rail to support the bed frame. However, the Graco Somerset convertible crib remains stable after you remove the rail to turn it into the toddler bed 1.

Convert to a Full Size Bed

When your little one outgrows the toddler bed, you can convert your Graco Somerset crib once more into a full-size bed. The remaining rail of the crib, which has become the back side of the toddler bed, can be removed and turned into a headboard for a full-size bed. To convert the bed, you need to dismantle the crib entirely. Remove the back rail, the ends and the mattress spring by unscrewing all the screws and bolts. Attach the back rail to a full-size metal bed frame. The holes on the rail that connected to the crib should now match up to the holes on the bed frame.

Add Bed Rails

The Graco Somerset convertible crib does not need a bed rail after you convert it 1. The mattress is lowered so that it is a safe height for your toddler to get into and out of the bed. However, if your little one is active during sleep, you might want to consider adding a bed rail to prevent falls. You can hook the rail under the mattress on the open side of the bed. If your toddler rolls in the night, the rail will prevent an abrupt fall that would provide a rude awakening.

When to Transition

There is no hard-and-fast rule for when you should transition your child to a toddler bed or a full size bed 2. However, some signs that your baby might be ready to make the leap to a toddler bed include increased climbing and being tall enough to look over the rails. This typically happens between 18 and 24 months or when your toddler is about 35 inches tall. Toddlers who can climb over the crib rail could fall and become seriously injured. Your tot may be ready to make the transition to a full size bed when he talks about no longer wanting to sleep in a "baby bed" or wanting to sleep in a "grown up" bed 2.

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