How to Construct an Airsoft Fort

Build your own airsoft fort to create a more realistic airsoft battle experience 12. A fort gives you shelter from enemy fire and can can be used as a headquarters. Airsoft forts are simple, inexpensive and add a new element to the game 1.

Find a good area for your airsoft fort 12. Pick an area that has a clear field of view over the battlefield.

Clear away any leaves, sticks and brush from the area where your fort will be built.

Mark out the size of your fort on the ground. The bigger the fort the more materials and work you will need to finish it. A good size is 10 feet wide by five feet long, with the widest part being parallel to the battlefield.

Use the shovel to dig out the entire area of the fort to a depth of three feet. Save the dirt for use in the sandbags.

Dig out a ramp leading from the back of the fort for an entrance/exit.

Fill the sandbags with the dirt you dug up. Use the sandbags to line the edge of the fort. Stack them two to three feet high around the front and sides of your fort. This will give you a total height of five to six feet from the floor of the fort to the top of the sandbags.

Arrange the sandbags to provide holes from which to observe and fire.

Place the cammie netting or large tarp over the sandbags and use the rope and stakes to make it taut so it does not sag into the fort. If your fort is too large to keep the roof from sagging, you may need to prop up the middle with a large branch or pole.

Camouflage the outside of your fort with sticks, leaves and dirt so it blends in with the surrounding area. If you use anything green, however, you will need to replace it every couple of days as the leaves wither and turn brown.


Mark or cover the stakes and rope that hold the roof taut to avoid tripping on them.