Baby Girls' First Haircut Styles

Convenience and cuteness are two of the main considerations as you contemplate your baby girl’s first hairstyle. Little ones this age rarely have patience for sitting for lengthy styling sessions, though, so keep the style simple. When it’s time for the first trim, you have a few options for your little one’s first haircut style 1.

Long-term Style Goals

Think about the style you’d like for your little princess once she’s got a full head of hair. You might go for a fringe and a short bob or perhaps you’d prefer her hair a little longer. Consider your baby girl’s hair type -- straight, wavy or curly -- and speak with a stylist for recommendations based on this hair type. Make sure the first trim is a step toward a preferred future hairstyle that fits your baby’s hair type. For example, if you know that you want a long style for your baby’s straight hair, don’t cut a short fringe that your little one will have to grow out. A simple trim off the ends to shape the style will probably suffice.

Simple Style Options

Keeping hair off the face is usually a priority for children. You can achieve this style with a fringe or bangs over the eyes, blending into hair that could be chin-length or longer, depending on how much hair your little one has. If you decide to skip the fringe and just shape the ends of your little one’s hair for the first cut, prepare to pull hair back with barrettes, rubber bands or headbands.